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KMX Warranty

To register your KMX guarantee, please complete and return the bottom part of your Guarantee Certificate.

This guarantee only covers the Original Purchaser. The original owner of the KMX™ can claim the following guarantee with the acceptance of the following restrictions:

  • Two years from date of purchase on the frame;
  • All wear and tear parts (for example chain, crank, chain guides, tyres etc.) are not covered by the guarantee.
  • The guarantee only applies for material/construction errors of the KMX™ and/or parts thereof. The guarantee expires in the following situations:
  • The KMX™ has been handled without due care, has been involved in an accident, or when nonKMX™ approved parts have been fitted.
  • The KMX™ has not been assembled as per instructions and/or not correctly maintained.
  • Technical repairs of the KMX™ are not executed professionally.
  • Parts fitted afterwards do not match technical specifications of the KMX™ or no original KMX™ parts have been used and/or are not fitted correctly.
  • Deficiencies due to climate, like rust, cracks in the rubber or usual weathering of the coatings.
  • The KMX™ is used for rental and/or otherwise used by non-specified users.

All claims under the guarantee for the KMX™ must be accompanied by a copy of the guarantee certificate and the original purchase receipt. We would also require a note explaining the defect. The final decision whether or not the broken/damaged parts falls under the guarantee is made by an approved KMX™ engineer. In case the guarantee request does not apply to the repair, all costs have to be paid by the owner